Why We Recruit

IIt is common in business to recruit the best talent or those with the potential to be among the best. It is part of the competitive nature of the free marketplace, and it forces everyone to make better products, offer better services, and provide a better work environment for people. This is something we pride ourselves on; we believe we offer a fantastic package which is why we demand the very best from our employees. Before we hire anyone, we even pay for an afp police check, such is our commitment to making sure we only ever employ those who will benefit the company. These are the many benefits of what a competitive nature in some people can do, however, if this the type of environment at the moment there are plenty of opportunities for you to improve. One of the ways you could work towards a better work environment is by participating in team building exercises, whether you’re looking for team building in Denver or somewhere more local to you, there are plenty of guides out there for you to take advantage of in order to become a more successful team. Recruiting is not meant to be a hostile act! Sometimes Realtors® come to us from offices where our respect for the owner is high, and we are friends. There are good reasons to recruit; here is what motivates us to do it.

Sometimes we just have to create what we want to be a part of. – by Geri Weitzman

1. Everyone does it.

In one sense, it is defensive. A basic principle of business is, “if it’s not growing, it’s dying.” No business lives forever, some just live longer than others. We know other brokerages are constantly trying to lure our brokers away. If we did not promote our brokerage’s features and benefits, then we could find our business in decline. If our Realtors® are successfully recruited away, that may be a barometer something is wrong and we need to improve our competitive position. We are grateful that our work environment and our financial arrangements are attractive.

2. At any given time Realtors® are looking for something better.

We believe we have something better to offer many brokers. As business people develop, what was good for them at one stage of their growth later becomes a hindrance. A new agent may like a dependent environment where there are lots of benefits. However, this usually comes at a high cost. As they become more independent and wish to retain more of their commissions, they look for better business opportunities. We all do it – for most people it is called ‘looking for a new job’ or looking for a better position with a competitor. Recruiting is our way of communicating with Realtors® in our marketplace and letting them know what their options are.

3. There is exceptional power in collegial synergism.

When the best are assembled, they become both an inspiration and a resource for future great Realtors®. If we can attract and retain the finest in the industry, then the reputation and credibility of all our Realtors® is enhanced. If our brokers can see the various models of success vividly and close up, they can find their own fit quicker and gain a detailed road map to success. If we are successful in assembling generous and gracious professionals, then together we can do so much more than the sum of the parts or that anyone might be able to do alone.

  • A collective knowledge base and library of experiences will help us all solve problems better

  • The practical wisdom arising from a group of professionals is priceless

  • Developing deep professional relationships adds richness to our lives

  • Newer or younger Realtors® bring fresh ideas, methods, perspective, and creativity to entire brokerage

  • Each contributes to others success in a variety of ways

We believe there is enough business for everyone, and that if we help others succeed, then we will all have the advantage of a more professional environment and the reputation of Realtors® in general will be improved in the community. That is good for everyone!

4. Competition is good for everyone.

Competition raises the bar of professionalism. Without it, people get sloppy and operations degenerate into bad service for clients, which results in damage to the reputation of Realtors® and our industry. We are all vulnerable to it, and so we wake up every morning determined to do a great job for our clients, help our colleagues, and continue to improve our costs and services making our business the best there is. When that happens, there are many rewards, both financial and non-tangible! Competition also helps cull the bad apples from the barrel. It is not illegal or an ethics violation to be a nasty and miserable person to work with. With competition, the good Realtors® are floodlighted and receive the business while the bad look bad and lose. We can be more professional, do a better job, raise the awareness of those who are a credit to our profession, and let the market cull out the others for everyone’s benefit.

5. Growth of the brokerage provides more income to cover the shared services of our professional cooperative.

The optimal size allows our Realtors® to pay less individually, and when there is more growth, it allows for new opportunities in areas where our brokers want to work and expand their businesses. The end of our business plan is driven by our Realtors®; after all, it is a professional cooperative!

Randy McCreith
Principal Broker, Bella Casa Real Estate Group
Cell: 503-310-9147