Professional Development

WWe take professionalism very seriously! Real estate is a profession; it is not a job. No one hires us, we do not punch a clock, and people depend on us for exceptional knowledge, diverse competencies, and specialized skills. We are licensed and governed directly by the State of Oregon and held accountable by the IRS as independent contractors. Realtors® must belong to professional trade organizations at the local, state, and national levels, which work to enhance professional standards and improve the housing industry for the public’s benefit. We are required to forever pursue continuing education. Our failures profoundly affect the lives of our clients. In 2002, all sales associate licensees were required to upgrade to full broker status. Today all Realtors® are full brokers.

As professionals, we are developing our own businesses. The vision for that business may be grand or simple; that is one’s choice. Our businesses fund our mission, our goals, and our dreams in life.  Brokers who join Bella Casa Real Estate Group are either proven professionals, or have the determination and drive to become such.

Cooperation sounds nice, and it works even better.

A cooperative is a voluntary association to which we contribute, and from which we benefit. Greater value is achieved by professional cooperation than by working as a sole proprietor. We choose to share select expenses for better equipment, tools, and offices. Together we skillfully build a valuable brand and powerful reputation. Most important is the value we derive from collaborative professional relationships.

We are colleagues; our organization is flat, de-centralized, and egalitarian. One central principal broker is replaced by numerous principal brokers. While we encourage all brokers to rise to this exceptional level of expertise and respect, we are equals in the way we function together.

There is no attempt to shackle brokers with dependency or handcuff them with a plethora of gimmicks and gadgets to retain them.

In sharp contrast to traditional brokerages, we value independence and autonomy as the foundation for cooperation. Our brokers do not need the brokerage for them to be successful. They are free to leave at any time without consequence to their business or their clients.

While we are competitors at one level, we grow rich from what we contribute to each other, how we assist each other, and what we model to each other. Real estate is amazingly complex and diverse. Priceless is the counsel, the ideas, solutions, strategies, and motivation we gain by interacting with each other. Risk is minimized, our clients are better served, and we are more profitable and efficient.

Real estate can also be grueling and discouraging work. We all experience times when we need encouragement, professional stimulation, and the joy that can only come from a friend in the business who understands. A professional cooperative can be a rich and rewarding place to be. So far that dream has become a reality. If we are wise we will guard this fundamental value for future prosperity.

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