Newberg Art Walk Tomorrow! Featuring Painter Hannelore Fischer

First Friday Newberg Art Walk at Bella Casa is tomorrow evening from 5-9pm at our Newberg office. 700 East 1st Street, Suite 100 in Newberg, Oregon 97132. Please join us for an evening of complimentary wine-tasting with Remy Wines, an assortment of hors d’œuvres, and a beautiful display of paintings by Hannelore Fischer.

Our Featured Artist: Hannelore Fischer

“As a visionary artist I bring my inner mystical experience into the form of abstract paintings. I aim to be fully present during my intuitive painting process and seek to transcend time, space and rational thought with intent while allowing the image to take form on its own terms.

Nature is my main source of inspiration. Imaginary and “real” experiences in a light flooded forest – the vast view from a mountain top, agitated or calm water, root tangles, or veins in a leaf – translate my reverie of nature onto canvas through fluid gesture, energetic brush strokes, vivid color and rich texture. On a larger scale, the emerging biomorphic formations remind of cycles of evolution, fecundity and dissolution, of celestial bodies and their birth and death cycle. I am also aware of their similarity to cell structures in the human body and in plants. I often attempt to show the interconnectedness of all things – in our natural world, and also into unseen dimensions, with repeated overlapping of shapes which lets the image take on different tones, values and color in the process.

I see my paintings as synchronistic guides that lead me and the viewer to gain a greater understanding of how we harmonize, transform and evolve. My own transformation and gradual evolution is present in my paintings and may resonate with the viewer’s own experience. My intent as a painter is to inspire and evoke the interconnected, simultaneous and cyclical nature of inner and outer reality.”

– Hannelore Fischer
10715 SW 33rd Ave. Portland OR 97219
h 503.477.8914 c 503.521.6000

Why Should I Come to Art Walk?

On the first Friday of every month the very best of local art is on display – all in one centralized location! You’ll see talent that has been encouraged and developed by our very own landscape – the vineyards, the mountains, the buildings, the people… It’s nothing short of inspiring. And although the art is the reason we gather, it gives an opportunity for tasting fantastic local wines and engaging with others our community. You won’t be disappointed if you do come out for a few hours. You’ll be surprised by how much fun it is and impressed by everything that Yamhill County has to offer.