Market Action Report for Feb 2017 – Portland Metroplex including Yamhill County

Clients and Friends,

I have now been annotating these reports and sending them out with additional custom information for 10 years! In 2007 we charted the escalation of the marketplace and we all wondered how young people were ever going to afford their first home! For the next 7 years we bemoaned a crashing and burning marketplace and experienced the vast human carnage directly or vicariously. The Dark Years will live in infamy the rest of my life. Portland led the nation with the most aggressive recovery for about 4 years (led by the slogan: “Keep Portland Weird”) and we in Oregon’s Wine Region have finally experienced 2 very good years of recovery (and still have a ways to go).

Market Action Report – February 2017

Market Action Home Sales Reports – February 2017 Yamhill County

2016 was a leveling-out year in the recovery (Portland fell to about 5th in the nation for the recovery). The Fall and Winter of 2016 and 2017 has been a very soft spot in the market stats. So soon we forget! I think it rained everyday during the month of October (normally a nice month). I still do not remember two days in a row of good weather since then. Incessant rain, an amazing number of freezing temperatures, and countless snow events have taken their toll on our real estate marketplace through the entire first quarter.

This month’s numbers are not good except that the prices keep rising. When the sun comes out to play, rather than peek out, I trust we will see a surge to make-up for the holed-up days gone by. Hang in there!

This year I chose to share with you some of our internal training of sales professionals. I hope for some people in sales this is helpful but I am doing so because I know of no better way to communicate our values than for you to see what we believe and what we are committed to living out personally and corporately. I hope this peek into our business behind the curtain is interesting. This month we look at “The most difficult job on the planet.” I certainly could be offensive with this but if you read it with an open mind; I think we will agree that people are the greatest challenge but also among the greatest rewards.

It is the listing season and getting your property on the market now comes with great advantages for sellers.

It is certainly not too late but keep in mind that by the end of July, the marketplace down-shifts and is not as advantageous for sellers. Buyers need additional help to achieve the homes and properties they want in a very competitive marketplace. Please consider us as you refer professionals to your family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors. We share with you our values, our production numbers, and our methods to give you the confidence that we will do good for you. We will go the extra mile always for your referrals and express our gratitude for your confidence in us. We believe our tag line and it is for you: Buy. Sell. Be Happy.

Here is hoping for a wonderful Spring (soon!).

Best regards,

Randy McCreith