Know the Local Real Estate Market

T The most basic principle for understanding and evaluating all real estate is this: all real estate is Local, even down to the very neighborhood and lot placement within that neighborhood.

Do your homework. 

Learn about the various markets within Yamhill County. What is currently on the market? How do values differ from one location to the next? Is one market flooded with inventory while another location offers few listings?

You have access the most accurate and up-to-date real estate listing information 24 hours a day. We have purchased software for our website that allows our guests and clients to access the local RMLS database directly. You can be assured that no one has more thorough, accurate, or timely information than you.

How to Effectively Use our Search Tools

After much research, we purchased this software because it is the most user-friendly tool for you and has features that will simplify your search immensely:

  • The default display is for a simple search called a Quick Search. You select whether to search by City, County, Zip Code, or MLS #. When you select Yamhill County for example, the list next to it will populate with all the cities in Yamhill County!
  • At the top of the form, you can also choose the Advanced Search and enter more search criteria to refine results.
  • A third type of search is a Map Search, targeting a geographic area and zooming in or out as you please.
  • All the search results allow you to view a map of the locations. You may also click to open up detailed information about each listing including numerous pictures, property descriptions, list of amenities, and tools to help you (such as a mortgage calculator etc).

But the best tools are these:

  • You can create your own account to save, add to, modify, or access your data as often as you like in the future. This service is free by registering and you can rest assured that your information will never be sold, shared, or used inappropriately. It is confidential for serving you alone in your real estate search. We will never try to button-hole you, manipulate you, or take advantage of the trust you may give to us.
  • You can save your favorite properties by clicking on a ‘Save Listing’ button. These will be maintained in your My Listings tab. Not only will these be available every time you return but you will be sent an email every instant the data on that property changes, perhaps a price reduction! This feature is called House Track®
  • You can save your search criteria in the My Searches tab. You can custom create searches for different scenarios or locations and then save those parameters to instantly use them again every time you return, saving you time.
  • House Track® allows you to receive regular email notifications of new listings or changes according to your favorite listings or your search criteria. We will gladly work with you to adjust frequency and scope to fit your desires.

On our site you will also find tremendous resources, information, select links to other useful real estate sites, like that national real estate search platform, and For Sale by Owner sites. Above all, we welcome the opportunity to work with you for custom searches, local and specific information, and to help you buy or sell.  Our motto is our pledge: Buy. Sell. Be Happy.