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Why National Brokerages Don't Matter Anymore

Am I Hamstrung without a National Brand? Technology has changed everything. Almost everyone goes online to search for real estate now. They can see dozens of pictures, virtual tours, videos, satellite images, various maps of the neighborhoods and areas, and gather endless information about any property online in a few minutes and a couple of […]

Local Ownership Considerations

Brokerages and firms are owned by every kind of entity. Ownership can be by an individual, a family, collection of investors, and various kinds of corporations. The ownership can be in the local community and part of the brokerage, or by a multi-national corporation, and everything in between. Owners do not have to be licensed […]

Beware of Hooks & Handcuffs

It may feel like you are applying for a job when interviewing brokerages. Your mindset may be ‘Will they like me and hire me?’ You may feel nervous and intimidated. Fear not! The reality is that if you are a good sales person, then everyone wants you because you will help pay the bills and […]

Our Values & Principles

Bella Casa Real Estate Group is growing, has established an exceptional reputation, and is successful because we believe in lofty values and basic principles which define us. Here is an overview of what we aspire to and practice. 1. Our most basic requirements for any Realtor® You must be legally squeaky-clean. We are not looking to […]

The First Six Years

It was early spring of 2007. There were tremors in the housing markets of California, but no one here worried much about it. Joni and I lived through the February 9, 1971 San Fernando earthquake in Southern California but we never expected anything like that when we moved to Oregon. California is home to earthquakes, […]

Why Consider Bella Casa?

The last time I checked, only half of the real estate agents in America were Realtors®, and only half of those were members of a recognizable national or regional company brand. I suspect that the latter number is substantially less after the decimating recession we’ve experienced. Witness many  independent brokerages emerging and the multiplication of […]

Our Evolving Industry

Historic revolutions, which overturn social order and radically change the way people live, are often initiated by conquest (The Roman Empire), by political Coup d’état or civil war (our Revolutionary War), or by new technology (the printing press). Technology peacefully but fundamentally changes the status quo and is the great leveler of people in our […]

Why We Recruit

It is common in business to recruit the best talent or those with the potential to be among the best. It is part of the competitive nature of the free marketplace, and it forces everyone to make better products, offer better services, and provide a better work environment for people. This is something we pride […]

How to Interview Brokerages

For someone just getting into real estate, interviewing with brokerages can be both intimidating and frustrating. Remember it is you who are interviewing to find the right brokerage to contribute your talents! Perhaps this guide will provide some ideas to help combat any frustration. Some interview questions are intended to elicit information. Some give insight […]

Become a Change Agent

You are reading this article because you are considering a career change or a change to another brokerage. You have found a professional resume writing service to help you and now you’re ready to begin that job search. You want more and something better, something exciting which offers hope and new potential. I want you […]

What is a Professional Cooperative?

We take professional very seriously. Real estate is a profession, not a job.  We don’t punch a time clock, yet clients depend on us for exceptional knowledge, diverse competencies, and specialized skills. We are licensed and governed directly by the State of Oregon and held accountable by the IRS as independent contractors. Realtors® must belong to professional […]

Ask Our Agents Yourself!

We encourage you to learn about our brokerage from the Realtors® themselves. Our brokers are prepared to have prospective members call or email them directly. On our Meet Our Realtors page, you can find the cell phone numbers and email addresses. Please contact any or all until you are satisfied. Consider some questions such as… […]

When Your Brokerage Becomes Your Top Competitor

I have written a great deal about our evolving industry and the decline of large firms and national or regional brands. These realities were seminal in our thinking as we were forced to consider not becoming part of a franchise. In the 6 years since Bella Casa’s inception the data has strongly supported our conclusions […]