Intel's Expansion in Hillsboro Will Prove a Boost for Yamhill County Real Estate

Intel’s decision to invest in Hillsboro, Oregon is an amazing and timely announcement. I am encouraged by the Intel decision to dramatically expand as an example of initial optimism of business. The Oregonian reports that Intel’s

massive $6 billion to $8 billion expansion and renovation of its Oregon and Arizona manufacturing operation promises to employ thousands of construction workers for two years or more.

Intel officials said 6,000 to 8,000 construction jobs will be created by the project. It’s believed that the lion’s share of those jobs will be in Hillsboro, where the company is building a new semiconductor factory, a hugely cash-intensive venture known as a “fab.”

The recession of the early 80’s was exceptionally difficult and dark time for Oregon because of our transition from a wood products economy to no-one-knew-what at the time. Rumors of high tech moving in caused a wave of negative reaction against it because it was thought to be minimum wage jobs in exchange for high paying logging and lumber jobs. How wrong the public can be at times!

The Silicon Forest, north of Yamhill County along Hwy 26 (The Sunset Hwy), was a boon to the area and saved us from extinction! Since then our economy exploded with high wage jobs and a cutting edge industry. Not to mention the variety of tertiary units and industries that would develop to support the whole semiconductor ecosystem. CNC machining, for one, could be one of those to gain prominence. Besides being an accepted prototyping method for the making of prototypes and final products, electronics parts machining offer a high level of precision and support a wide range of materials making them ideal for machining small parts that then go into a larger electronic assembly.

With automated machining as elucidated in this etmm-online article, the production time is significantly reduced without sacrificing on quality and reliability. In many ways, Intel has ushered in some of the top tech companies in the world.

This latest massive commitment will propel our local economies further along and should pull us out of the recession sooner. It will create a lot of jobs building it, and even more when completed. While Hillsboro is north of Yamhill County, it is close enough that people working there choose to live in Yamhill County, mostly rural properties in areas like Bald Peak, etc. This influx of home buyers will help our property values. Additionally, with the attraction of the wineries (130+ in YC alone) there is constant tourism into our area. From our office in McMinnville, it would take about 45 minutes to get to Intel’s Hillsboro campus.