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503-310-9147[/frame] [dropcap character=”B” color=”blue”]Bald Peak: as you pour over a map of Oregon’s wine region you will likely miss one of the most desirable rural areas for luxury country living. The locals know it well and in spring, summer, and fall will be found in abundance biking the challenging hills, taking pleasure in the breath-taking views, and touring the idyllic scenery of gorgeous homes and barns and pastures filled with sheep, llamas, horses, and cattle.

Bald Peak is luxurious rural living

The Bald Peak area is one of the best kept secrets in the Portland metropolitan area. This is because there are no towns within this area; instead they surround Bald Peak. To the south is Newberg (population 22,000), to the west is Gaston (population 650), and the north is bordered by the larger towns of Hillsboro (85,000), Cornelius (11,000) and Forest Grove (20,000). This is also the area famously known as our Silicon Forest (dominated by Intel). Between Hillsboro in the north and Newberg in the south are small communities not even the size of small towns. Laurelwood and Scholls each have vestiges of more important days such as stores, schools, and a grange.

Why buy real estate in Bald Peak?

People buy property in the Bald Peak area because of the views, the diversity of pastures and forests, and the variety of property types. There are plentiful small acreage parcels from one to five acres for those who want country living without too much work. There are larger parcels from 20 to 50 acres for equestrian interests, vineyards orchards and crops, or forests. One of the factors you may want to check when buying property in this area is the water supply. Finding adequate wells can be challenging but one of the largest water cooperatives serves this area called the LA Water Cooperative. This community water system is managed by the Hillsboro Water District and serves hundreds of properties. You can purchase buildable parcels for as low as $150k and properties in this area can cost over $2 million. Commonly nice homes on small acreage cost between $500k and $750k. You may also want to check this out to learn about other factors you may want to investigate when viewing potential properties.

Where exactly is Bald Peak located?

Bald Peak is a road connecting Hwy 219 in north Newberg with Hwy 219 south of Hillsboro. It is a scenic loop up into the hills from either city following the ridge of the Chehalem Mountains. The name comes from the peak of the ridge at the 1630′ elevation (the highest point of the entire Willamette Valley) which is marked by a Depression era works project called Bald Peak State Park.

The park is just 26 acres, contains rest rooms but no drinking water, picnic tables, a small forest of Douglas Fir trees with a hiking trail. In the early 1930s the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) made this area a great place to stop and soak in the sensational views of the north Willamette Valley including 5 great volcanic Cascade Range peaks: Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams (all in Washington), Mount Hood, and Mount Jefferson (in Oregon). The diverse and fertile Yamhill and Chehalem valleys (both part of the larger Willamette Valley) are to the south and reside in Yamhill County. The Tualatin Valley is to the north and east and is in Washington County.

We can help you understand the benefits and challenges of buying Bald Peak real estate

We understand that there are many areas that you might be considering buying into. If you are weighing our service with that of a Lynchburg realtor and are unsure which area to choose then we can help. Ask us to help you better understand the benefits and challenges of buying in this great area. Ask about septics and wells, of land use laws, tax deferrals, and what grows here and what animals thrive here. We are experts in rural property purchases to protect you and to help you buy great value. We know this area and love it; we think you will too! For sellers, we offer excellent quality marketing, personal promotion of your property, and exceptional representation. We understand that not all of you live in this area or prefer to live in a more city-type setting, this is where sites such as Manhattan Realtors can help and get you on the right path to find the home of your dreams.

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Photo credit: Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives

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